The Soma Bay city resort came into existence in 1991 when the resort was developed by Private Corporation on 10,000,000 m2 (2,500 acres) to become a self-contained community surrounded by the pristine waters of the red sea.

A number of high-class hotels were constructed to have an enchanting atmosphere of mild climate offering tropical scenery.

Soma Bay is a magical coastal city resort located in Egypt in the eastern desert on the coast of the red sea exactly 45 Km (28mi) south of the International Airport of Hurghada.

The access point to Soma Bay is a 7 Km (4.3 mi) private road through a single controlled entry gate. It is 2 km (1.2 mi) in width and 5 Km (4.3 mi) long surrounded by the waters of the red sea from all directions. It is divided into a number of areas including Soma Breeze, Mesca, Reef Town, Wadi Jebal, Bay West, and Bay Central.